Our Cars

Pacific Island

The Pacific Island, as seen in July of 2023.

In June of 2023, Adios Rail purchased its first Amtrak-certified car, the former Union Pacific Budd 10-6 Pacific Island. Named Mt. Vernon after its extensive renovation into a six-bedroom lounge, the return to its original, as-delivered name signals a rebirth for the car, as it received many upgrades before hitting the road for a full slate of charters in the summer and fall of 2023. In 2024, the Pacific Island transported a sold out car of guests to the AAPRCO Convention in Canadaigua, NY –and we’ll have the car available for the fall train to Vermont. Make sure to like and follow along on our Facebook and Instagram to see photos of the adventures we have along the way!

The spacious lounge area of Pacific Island
The Pacific Island on this June’s AAPRCO Convention Train to Upstate NY

Royal Palace

Adios Rail’s first car purchase, the former A&WP Royal Palace was built for the Southern’s Crescent, and was the West Point Route’s solitary contribution to the famed DC-Atlanta name train. Built by Pullman, and wrapped in its distinctive fluted stainless, the Palace features the Henry Dreyfus-designed “Lookout Lounge,” as well as the large windows that made these postwar observation cars so highly sought after. Slated for completion in 2025, look for the Royal Palace to bring up the markers for years to come!

Adios II

This legendary Budd lightweight platform observation car is the crown jewel of the Adios Rail collection, and upon its completion will be one of the finest Amtrak-certified business cars on the rails. Purchased in 2022, and scheduled for restoration in 2024, Adios II was originally built for the C&O before being returned to Budd for modification and eventual sale to Joan Whitney Payson, founding owner of the New York Mets. The Whitney family’s original Pullman, the Adios, was the basis for this car’s name, though it eventually went by Bonaventure (GTW/CN) and Fantasia (Royal Rail) before the car was again sold back into private ownership.